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The primary goal for this course is to show you how to be a great online teacher. Teaching is a skill. When I first started teaching, I studied teaching. I took courses about teaching. I studied great teachers and learned from them. In this course, I am going to share with you everything I know about great teaching - principles distilled from research and verified through 19 years of experience. In this course, you are going to learn how to be a great online teacher and how to create great online courses. An effective online class is one which quickly teaches students a body of knowledge. What would be the best online course? It would be one where information was just downloaded and installed into the user’s mind. The next best is going to be the courses you will create after taking this class. You are going to learn how to create classes that are delivered definitively, with confidence, with precision, and with a dose of humor and your own perfectly imperfect humanity. Through this course, you will gain the valuable skill of helping others learn. This will allow you to make a positive contribution to the lives of others while simultaneously earning financial rewards that, prior to this point in history, teachers have never been able to realize. The world needs great online courses, and there are millions of people in the world. Today’s teachers who create great online courses have the potential to earn millions of dollars from their courses. Learning to create great online courses is a great investment. I am excited to share with you the potential for helping others and for generating revenue.


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Greater Commons founder & teacher; champion of world class online instruction; teaching online since 1997; honored as one of California’s top community college instructors; studied online education at UC San Diego; started the Online Teacher Training Program and taught college faculty in central California how to teach online; one of the world’s leading trainers in the highest paying programming language in America; teacher to 528,918 students last year online; motivating, inspiring, and teaching teachers how to teach online at their greatest potential - this is Todd McLeod, working every day for the greater common good.

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